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圖資館建築圖 圖書資訊館圖 圖書資訊館圖



1995 Foundation Period

The 1st director: Wun-sheng Chen, the Department of Information Management

  • January, 1995 Started to plan library layout, purchase books and facilitate automation of library service.
  • September 18, 1995 Started to enroll students; Library in room B201 of the Building B (the former College of Engineering, and now the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) and audio-visual center in B343 were open for use and provided information services to the public.

Organization: Reader Services Section; Acquisition and Cataloging Section and Audio-Visual Section (renamed as Information System Section on August 1997)

  • August 1, 1995 The Computer Center was officially established. It is responsible for the installation of the campus-wide network and administration computerization.

Organization: System Support Section and Network Section.

1995 The Automation of Library Service

  • URiCA library system was purchased when the Library was built.  Businesses such as acquisition, cataloging and periodical management are all automatized. In addition, the faculty and students are able to use the automated circulation and self-check system to borrow and return books and check the availability of collections online in an easy and convenient way.
  • September, 1995  Set up CD-ROM network system for all faculty and students to use CD-ROM database through campus network.

1997.4.7-2001.6 Building C was open for use

  • Due to the limited space and reading seats in Building B, Library in C228 in the Building C was established in response to the increasing number of the faculty and students and collections.
  • Building C was open for use in April 7, 1997. The layout is as follows:

1. Collection Area is located in Building B Services include books check-out and return, computer information and so on. Audio-visual Center is also available.

2. Service Area is located in Building C. Collections such as reference books, periodicals, newspapers, information on employment, studying abroad, university or company introduction and reserved books are for internal use only. Reference service is also available.

3.Chinese, Japanese and Western collections of Social Science, Business and Management were moved to Building C in August, 1998 to create more room in Building B.

World Wide Web Service (Since 1998)

  • To create an easily accessible information environment and enriching learning environment, the Library set up web site in 1998 and provided World Wide Web Service.

WWW allows all faculty and students through a single-use interface to have full access to library services, contact with the library and search library collections and electronic resources.

1999.8-2001.7 The 2nd Directors: Ting-rui Zhou, the Department of Marketing

  • Ting-rui Zhou from the Department of Marketing was appointed as the director on August 1, 1999 and served as the director of Computer Center until July 31, 2001.

2001.8-2004.7 The 3rd director: Meng-xiang Xu , the department of Information Management;

2001.8 Combination of Organization

To integrate collections and information resources and provide integral support to the faculty and students, Library and the Computer Center were combined as “Library and Information Center.” (hereinafter called LTC)

  • The first director of LTC was Meng-xiang Xu from the department of Information Management.
  • Organization combined to 4 sections: Information Service Section, Collection Management Section, System Support Section, Network and Multimedia Section.

2001.8.10 Inauguration of LTC

  • LTC was located in the east campus near highway. Its construction began on March 26, 1999; it was relocated on June 26, 2001 and was officially open on September 20, 2001. Because of Typhoon Trami, the opening of multimedia center was delayed until September 20, 2001.
  • Floor Layout:
  • 1F:multimedia center, data center and office
  • 2F: Information Retrieval, reference books, daily newspapers and current periodicals
  • 3F-5F: library collections. For saving energy, the 5th floor was temporarily closed.

2001.10.3 Change of Automated Systems

  • To improve automated system and services, INNOPAC library automation system was purchased on October 3, 2001. This system included 5 modules such as purchasing, cataloging, circulation, periodical management and Online Public Access Catalogue (WebPAC).

2002.1-2014.1 Establishment of Risk Management & Insurance Information Center

  • Was open for use on January 15, 2002.
  • Goals: Integrate collections of Risk Management and Insurance; Professional consultation is provided by experts; so as to become one of the most perfect information center of Risk Management and Insurance in southern Taiwan.

2004.8-2007.6 The 4th director: Li-yan Xu, the Department of Information Management

2007.2 Set up of Teaching and Learning Website

Developed “Teaching and Learning Website.” It is a teaching assistant platform, and the first online teaching system that integrates with the system of academic affairs in Taiwan.

2007.7-2010.4 The 5th director: Min-zhong Hao, the Department of Information and Telecommunications Engineering

2007.8-2010.8 Certification of Information Security Management Systems

  • The first national university to obtain certification of Information security management systems. The certification included: 1.maintenance of facilities in data center; 2. maintenance of network in data center; 3. maintenance of internet service; 4. maintenance of firewall in data center; 5. Maintenance of school administration database system.

2008.9-2011.10.13 Establishment of Retrieve Collections Storage on the 5 floor

  • Because of increasing collections, Retrieve Collections Storage was set up on the north side of the 5th floor. Chinese and Japanese collections before 2000 (year) such as computer books, copy books, new edited books and rare bound periodicals were displayed. Readers may fill in a request form and the library will retrieve the book needed.
  • October 14, 2011 It was open for readers to retrieve the book needed.

2009.3 Extension of Automation System

  • To upgrade electronic resource service, the electronic resource management and integration searching in automation system were added. Apart from managing electronic resources, it provides reader with a single-user interface to retrieve articles on e-books or e-periodicals from all databases.

2010.3 Certification of the Norms of Information and Communication Security Management in Educational Systems

  • March, 2010 Obtained certification of the Norms of Information and Communication Security Management in Educational Systems. The certification included:

 (1)The data center maintenance service provided by LIC

(2)The development, operation, maintenance of score system provided by LIC

2010.5 The 6th director: Da-Chun Wu, the Department of Information and Telecommunications Engineering

2010.11 The Renovation of the Second Data Center

  • Renovate the second data center (B346), including partition, electric power, internet and air conditioner. In addition, purchased uninterruptible power supply, standardized cabinet with key lock and environmental monitoring system.
  • Set up Disaster Recovery Center
  • Provide hosting service for other offices in NKFUST, such as academia-industry cooperation platform.

2011.1 Set up system, E-Portfolio

  • Integrate the information of teaching, researches and services and set up valuation list for teachers in order to provide them a statistic way to understand the rank of themselves in their departments.

2011.5 Promote the Use of ePage

  • Set up and promote ePage to make the websites of other offices in NKFUST have the similar interfaces. ePage not only make users able to retrieve information more easily, but also reduces the cost of website design and management.

2011.9 Student ID Card/ RFID Card

  • Use RFID card entirely in campus to simplify the procedures of signing in, entrance guard and roll call. Also, other plus functions of card can be applied.

2011.10 Set up the NKFUST Institutional Repository

  • Set up the NKFUST institutional repository as a means to preserving the faculty and student works. This helps integrate research publications and results, and increase in the number of highly cited articles and raise school’s profile.

2012.5.11 First Tech Learning Commons

  • Make use of the good location of former multimedia center to build an innovative and open room. This multi-function room provides users a good place to learn and discuss. Not only can users learn faster and better but also can improve relationship with others.  

2013.3 Expanding the scope of certification

  • The main data center maintenance service provided by LIC.  
  • The development and maintenance of score system and Student Enrollment System provided by LIC.  

2013.9 e Space is available ! An application of cloud storage service

  • The campus’ private cloud is constructed to make all the staff and students have their personal 25GBytes cloud storage, which supports cross-platform to integrate the files, to share the files and to apply convenient cloud printing skills. 

2014.4 International ISO Personal Information Protection certification approved.

  • Throughout the whole nation the First-tech is the first university that all the administrations and academics have passed the ISO/IEC 29100:2011 certification. 

2014.8 The 7th director: Szu-Yuan Sun, the Department of Information Management

2014.8 Improving External Network Broadband

  • Improve the bandwidth as 1200M(download)/600M(upload)

2014.8 Finishing Network End-point Upgrading

  • Increasing speed of pitch points in campus to 1000 Mbps

2014.8 Optimizing Wireless Network in Campus

  • Arrange and set up station, IEEE 802.11ac

2014.9 Finishing Setting up Firewalls in Campus For Information Security

2014.11 Starting to Apply Primo, System of Searching For resources

2014.12 Purchasing Authorization of ePage

  • Promote ePage to make the websites of other offices in First Tech have the similar interfaces. Besides, applying as an individual or group is also available.

2015.6 Starting to utilize Could Service, Google Apps For Education

  • Staring to utilize cloud service, Google Apps For Education in order to cut down the cost of maintenance of software and hardware and to increase free off-campus resources,

2015.7 Laying in Could Virtual Host Service, Which Provides Other Offices in First Tech to Rent

  • Laying in could virtual host service in order to enhance the efficiency of the use of resources, to reduce the cost of maintenance, to realize the plan of conserving energy and reducing emission, and to make ”User pays” principle apply to campus.

2015.7 Constructing Virtual Studio in Campus

  • Constructing virtual studio in order to videotaping lesson for MOOCs and for sustained yield management of Open Course Ware.

2015.7 Creating Cloud Computing Application Division

  • Creating cloud computing application division in order to strengthen Cloud service so as to cope with the development multimedia, MOOCs and Big Data in the future.

2015.7 Setting up Information System in Academia-industry Experimental Center

  • Constructing data center and office, optical fiber, cable and wireless network in this center in order to make firms access internet smoothly.
  • Constructing Cloud equipment and allowing firms to apply for virtual machine in this center.
  • Constructing FTTB network in this center.

2015.7 Improving Quality of Data Center And Offices in Campus

  • Administrations take all control of all data center and offices in campus. By doing so, not only can improve sharing resources but also can reduce energy consumption.
  • Improving the quality of Financial Holding Training Center and Digital material processing center in order to provide students a pleasant learning environment.

2015.8 The 8th director: Guo-Wei Su, the Department of Information Management