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Recommend a Purchase
recommend a purchase

NKFUST Library and Information Center Purchase Recommendation and Results Reply Service: 

Service Goal and Purchase Recommendation Methods

  • Service Goal In order to make the library's collections meet demands of the faculty, staff and students all over the school, we provide the book purchase recommendation service.
  • Purchase Recommendation Methods (For Individual)
    • Online (Recommended for better performance!) Connect to Library and Information Center Catalog System for online book purchase recommendation. 
    • Written Form Download and fill out the Book Purchase Recommendation form and then submit it to the service counter. 
    • Items upon academics or teachers' R&D projects are not applied to the foregoing ways. Please refer to relevant policies.

Results Reply

  • Individual Reply Items you request will not be accepted due to existence in the library or insufficient (such as lacking of titles or publishers) and incorrect information. We will reply to you by emails to cancel purchase recommendation.
  • Unanimous Reply If items you request have been accepted, we will discuss it in the library affair meetings on the 5th day in every month and unanimously deliver the ordering process in the purchase recommendation reply column. People who suggest ordering will not be announced for personal privacy.

Relevant Polices

  • Please don't recommend items which have already existed in the library and visit Library Catalog Inquiry first before recommendation.
  • Recommendation without identity authentication will be automatically transferred to readers' suggestion and will not be accepted! If you are really the current faculty, staff and students but unable to pass identity authentication, please immediately contact the service counter (extension 1599) for confirmation or handling.
  • Everyone's monthly recommended nonprofessional books and periodicals are limited as follows: Chinese and Japanese items are up to 5 volumes (pieces/kinds) and Western language items are up to 3 volumes (pieces/kinds). Excess of foregoing limitation will not be accepted. Book sets (non-series) exceeding 5 volumes (pieces) of Chinese and Japanese items or 3 volumes (pieces) of Western language items are still accepted, but the quota of volumes is considered full.
  • If recommended books and periodicals are natively relevant to professional items used for academics, we will propose ordering by academics book funds or academics budget. Limitation of volumes (pieces/kinds) is as above.
  • Books and periodicals recommended by the faculty and staff of library information center as well as administration are all taken into nonprofessional items.
  • Computer books relevant to programming, system software, system R&D and design as well as network engineering are basically considered as professional items, while relevant to applications (such as Word, Photoshop) or Web usage (such as WWW, Internet) are basically considered as nonprofessional items. However, it still depends on the proposer's affiliated unit.
  • Items about religion, recipe, astrology, numerology, kid books, romantic novels, comics, etc., are basically not accepted due to violating our development polices. DVD films might not be ordered at present because public versions are expensive and they are frequently broadcasted or replayed by cable TV. Please take it for consideration before recommendation.
  • If items are for general education, we will first pass them to Center for General Education and discuss it in the library affair meetings when items are accepted.
  • For more information, please see:
    • Books and periodicals purchase recommendation rule
    • Books and periodicals purchase recommendation complaint rule

Academics or Teachers' R&D Projects Purchase Recommendation

  • Academics purchase recommendation upon professional items
    • Applicant: every academics (except Center for General Education)
    • Type of material: books, audiovisuals, periodicals and database
    • Source of funds: academics book funds or academics budget every fiscal year
    • Implementation that is in accordance with formal notice upon The Progress and Method that Library and Information Center Helps Academics with Purchasing Professional Books in the beginning of every year.

  Please be sure to fill out one of the Academics Professional Books and Audiovisuals Purchase Recommendation Form, Academics Professional Periodicals Purchase Recommendation Form or Academics Professional Database Purchase Recommendation Form to recommend the purchase.

  • Teachers' R&D projects purchase recommendation (except current issues of periodicals)
    • Applicant: all university teachers and those who plan to warrant us to buy books
    • Type of material: books, audiovisuals, back issues of periodicals and database
    • Source of funds: teachers' R&D projects budget
    • Please be sure to fill out the Teachers' R&D Projects Books Purchase Recommendation Form to recommend the purchase.