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Interlibrary Loan
interlibrary loan

Interlibrary Services(including document delivery and book borrowing)

  • Interlibrary loan aims for resource sharing. We would like to take the advantage of corporation between libraries, provide a rich database for teaching and learning.
  • The service allow reader fully use the resource of each libraries across the country. If the material cannot be found with NDDS, document delivery and book borrowing from International library is also available.
  • Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS)
  • NKFUST faculty and students may also apply for an Inter-library card, which enables the card holder to borrow materials from the other libraries personally. Users are financially responsible for any damage to or loss of interlibrary materials. Contact with the Circulation Desk for details.


  1. For new user, sign up an account in NDDS. Please remember your password, you are only allowed to have one account.
  2. Please use NDDS catalog to search for the detail information of your wanted items, and send the application form online.

Working days

Sending by Ariel takes approximately 2 days to process. By post takes approximately 10 days. When the material arrives, we will contact you through email, please collect and pay in library.


  1. If more than one library holds the material, please check each of their service charge and working days, then choose the one meets your needs.
  2. Each library charges differently, we will charge same as the library you apply to. Unsuccessful application is free of charge.

Contact Information