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We need volunteers!
To: All of the teachers and students

Subject: LIC is recruiting volunteers! We are inviting you to help us in this summer vacation!


1. If you are a hard-working, responsible person and you can have 2 hours for us every week, you are welcome to join us!

2. You will need to do: 1) Keeping the book storage 2) Attending events 3) Propagating LIC

3. If you do well, you will get: 1) Office of Student Affairs will give you rewards 2) Awarding a certificate of appreciation publicly 3) A volunteering proof 4) Priority of getting part-time job in school 5) Priority of attending events in school 6) Integration of boarding

4. Dates: 7/1-8/31 (If you do well, you can join us next semester without interviewing.)

5. If you are interested, please come to front desk and apply. The due date of applying is 6/15.

Contact: Zeng, Ya Wen (曾雅文) ext: 1596/1541