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In celebration of World Book Day, LIC invites you to participate in activities.

To: All staff, teachers and students

Subject: In order to promote reading and the usage of database, LIC invites you to take part in a series of events, starting from World Book Day, 23rd, April.


A.       A series of activities are listed below in this website, for more information, please scroll down.

B.       Information on Activities

Ø  Time Period: From 24th, April to 12:00, 1st, May, 2017

Ø  Contents: Total 8 activities are listed in the website; you will get stickers after taking part in each of activities. Then you should paste stickers on style boxes to get lines. Once you get a line in different activities, you will be presented with a gift. For another second line, you can have a chance to take lucky draw to get money or book coupons in the same value.

Ø  Lucky Draw: Deadline is on 1st, May, 2017, and you must meet the needs of completing two lines.

Ø  Gift for lucky draw: 10 people for NT$500, or book coupon in the same value

C.      Winners will be announced and listed in Facebook page on 2nd, May, Tuesday. Please pay attention to the news and announcement on Facebook page.

D.       Details for each activity


Time Period



*Vote for Best Poster of Spatial Alteration Proposal Contest

24th, April-1st, May

Book Exhibition Area

Posters will be displayed in Book Exhibition Area and voted for the best. All you need to do is to vote everyday.

Database Course

25th, April


You can get stickers by joining courses and finishing questionnaire. Register.

*Database Interactive Games

25th, April

Circulation Desk

Applying database in person so as to get stickers.

*Rose Bouquet Making Activity

27th, April


Rose is the symbol of World Book Day. If you want to register for this activity for free, you should borrow at least 10 books.

Surprise for Borrowing Books

24th, April-1st, May

Special Bookshelves

You will receive gift and stickers around Circulation Desk as you borrow books from Theme Books Area.


24th, April-1st, May

Circulation Desk

Book Stacks

You can get stickers by being a volunteer at least 2 hours from 24th, April to 1st, May


12:00-14:10, 25th, April

Presentation Room C

Register-You will get stickers by watching full movies and a gift for writing reflection.

*Q & A

24th, April-1st, May

Exclusive Page

Register-questions are about copyright and database. 1 sticker for 1 day.

Remarks: Titles with * are also counted in Learning Record Contest

Sincerely, Library of Information Center


Circulation Desk, Ext: 1591/1599

Please do not send this mail back to the system, it is totally welcomed if you have any questions.