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Learning Record Contest Winners—April (Monthly)

Learning Record Contest Winners—April (Monthly)

Selected winners are chosen according to activities they participated in and scores they got.

(Student Numbers/ Names/Department/)

1.     0245013 Wu-O-Sheng, Department of Accounting and Information System, participated in 6 activities

2.     0351015 Zhang-O-Zhe, Department of Computer and Communication Engineering, participated in 5 activities

3.     0323012 Liang-O-Ting, Department of Logistics Management, participated in 5 activities

4.     0324020 Chen-O-Zhen, Department of Information Management, participated in 5 activities

5.     0532018 Wang-O-Han, Department of Japanese, participated in 5 activities

Notes: Selected winners please come to Circulation Desk and provide related information so that you would get remittance from LIC.