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[Speech]-Friday, 9th June, 2017, 13:20-15:20 Chances and Challenges for Taiwan Manufacturing Industry.

Ø  Topic: Chances and Challenges for Taiwan Manufacturing Industry.

Ø  Contents: Manufacturing industry in Taiwan are making good use of managing experiences and wisdomfrom partial automation to data analyzing abilitiesto enhance competitiveness from the very beginning. The chances and challenges for Taiwan manufacturing industry are to develop destructive mode, gaining revenue from swift of updating to Industry 4.0 in advance, and to develop unique “Blue Lakes Strategy” in every industrial section and competitiveness in order not to be replaced by transnational cooperation. Therefore, it would help Taiwan manufacturing industry to make foundation firm and to progress as well.

Ø  Lecturer: Chen-Fu Chien, Ph. D (as well as a visiting professor in National Tsinghua University, a discipline coordinator of Department of Engineering and Technologies in Ministry of Science and Technology and a project investigator of Semiconductor Technologies Empowerment Partners Consortium)

Ø  Organizer: LIC Cloud Computing Application Division

Ø  Time: Friday, 9th June, 2017, 13:20-15:20 (Detailed information is listed below)





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Industry 3.5: Chances and Challenges in Taiwan Manufacturing Industry.

Chen-Fu Chien, Ph. D



Ø  Place: A607, Administrative Building

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